Added value beyond graphic design.

Since 2002, Paul G. Hiller Promotional Communications has served as an approachable graphic design and marketing coordination resource to small- and mid-size professionals and organizations who find themselves struggling to produce their own high-caliber visual media.

It's smart management of all the visual stuff busy organizations know they should do to gain customer mind-share, but which they no longer have time or expertise to handle effectively on their own.

If you find yourself in a jam for a single project or recurring creative challenges, then it is a good day to let Paul G. Hiller Promotional Communications help you establish or improve the quality visual communications you want, so that you can confidently promote your products, your services, and your people with credibility.

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What is custom visual media?

Basically, it means you won't find Paul using one-size-fits-all, template-driven solutions when developing graphic and textual material specifically to support YOUR unique promotional strategy.

With hot coffee in one hand, a computer mouse in the other, and a PR degree on the wall, Paul enjoys helping businesses look like they mean business through custom creative, ad design, copy writing, useful photography, and turnkey production:

Marketing Materials - print advertising, direct mail pieces, newsletters, lit sheets

Identity Systems -logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, signage

Presentations - multimedia, photography

Publication Art - posters, DVD jackets

Photo Art & Digital Editing - If you can visualize it, Paul can build it! (Well, it never hurts to ask, anyway.)

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